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Hey Freaky Mom!!! 


The one who loves her kids with a passion, cheers loudest at their games, takes their phones for bad grades, says no when they’re begging for candy, expects the best, expects mistakes, reflects on her mothering style, is involved, embarrasses them because she loves them, knows their friends…and teaches them to do their own laundry at birth?

(oh, wait.  that’s me.)

Welcome.  You’re in good company.

Here’s how you can get in touch:

Phone:  719-280-3606

Email: Lindsey@freakymomclub.com

Facebook: Freaky Mom Club

Pinterest: Freaky Mom Club

Location:  Penrose, Colorado

Thanks for getting in touch!


What Are People Saying About The Consequence Of The Week Program?

Lindsey always has the best consequences for kid behavior. It is like she knows my child or something. I can see more rock moving in my 6 year old’s future. 



I have already raised my children but I find the consequences and rationale fascinating.  I remember not always knowing what to do about a behavior.  I found the consequence of running to interrupt the back seat fighting ingenious.  I hope someone replies to let me know if they used the “running” consequence. 

I am eager to find out the suggested consequence to  “I’m not doing my homework right now!”

Mom & Grandma

The trampoline has helped to calm him and also given him a lot of self confidence.  He has taught himself through major practicing – to do front flips!  We owe you!  Best decision!


Mom & Human Resources VP

I love the consequences and the rationale of the week so very much!  I look forward to getting them in my inbox each week!

Getting new ideas from other moms on consequences and discipline helps me to keep up with creative ideas that will teach my kids lasting lessons, making them think twice before returning to the behavior and help in raising great kids.

That’s the main goal we are all going for right?!  Let’s face it, us moms have to stick together and need all the help we can get sometimes!

I also love that the consequences are all based on helping them grow and learn from their choices!  It is much better than just yelling and acting like a crazy person when they choose to make poor choices!

(I’ve been known to act like this crazy person and don’t like the outcome!)

I also love these emails because I tend to blow off consequences due to the fact that I don’t want a fight or I’m too exhausted to even want to come up with something!

In getting Lindsey’s emails, I can choose from a variety of creative options, use them as they are or add in a dash of my own spice, which makes discipline so much easier!!

I do love getting these emails, each spread out throughout the week so that I can think on what I may say or do in each situation she presents.  And then I compare notes, so to speak, when she sends her consequence ideas!!

Such a fun, creative way to help our kids grow to be the best they can be!

I highly recommend subscribing to Lindsey’s blog and signing up to receive her weekly emails!



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